52 WineryBuilding200x152Cherry Knoll Farm Winery has the distinction of being the only registered winery in Cortland County and is located in an upper valley just east of Interstate 81 in Central New York.  

From the outside, the Winery looks very much like it
has over the last many decades.  Originally built around 1920, and often used as the “hen house”, the building looks very original ~ unless you look closely at the doors and windows.   In those openings today you will find modern thermo doors and windows.

On the inside, the building has been totally remodeled into a winery, complete with insulation, drywall, electricity, plumbing, heating, floors, walk-in cooler, and all the equipment needed for making and bottling our 100% pure blueberry wines and vinegar.

The first wine was produced at Cherry Knoll Farm in 2002.  It was used to make our first vinegar in 2003.  “It takes a good wine to make good vinegar” – So why not wine.  We were soon making wine, too.  Blueberry Sweet was our first wine.  Soon after, we had three more blueberry wines in production;  Blueberry Semi-Sweet aged with Oak, then Blueberry Semi-Sweet (an early favorite) and Blueberry Dry.  In 2008 we developed and began production of Blueberry Blossom Delight and Blueberry Bluetta.

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