Terry in fieldAB 180x180  BB Bush 1700x1700-IMG_0616  Blueberries Quarts 480x480-004_0095    OUR BLUEBERRY FIELD IS CLOSED
for the 2019 season

The Anticipated Picking Schedule Each year at harvest time the blueberry fields are open to the public for U-Pick. Although dates and times vary each year due to blueberry crop and weather, blueberries are usually ready to begin picking around July 20th and picking continues until Labor Day.


Call 607.849.6886 to hear the daily picking conditions and specifics.

Click Here ForMaps & Directions

Typical Hours during picking season:
     Monday – Friday    9am – 7 pm
     Saturday              9am – 4pm
     Sunday               10am – 3pm

Cherry Knoll Wines **
Throughout the picking season, all Cherry Knoll wines will be available for tasting and purchasing at the U-Pick during picking hours.

100% of the blueberries used in making our wines and vinegar are grown on this field here at Cherry Knoll Farm!