Cherry Knoll Farm Blueberry Juice is produced from only the highest quality whole, ripe blueberries bursting with flavor.  All berries are picked by hand, sorted (removing all stems, leaves, insects and not-wanted materials), and then made into a wonderfully delicious juice.  

Pour over your favorite yogurt and stir – makes wonderfully fresh yogurt

Drink as it comes from the bottle or reduce it with fresh water – makes a delicious blueberry juice drink.

Use in recipes, or use as a mixer.  There is nothing better than the fresh favor of the “healthy fruit.”

Refrigerate after opening.  

Made from 100% Fresh Picked Cherry Knoll Blueberries
Made and bottled at Cherry Knoll Farm*
375 ml / 12 oz

BB Juice label 780x604

* Only available at Cherry Knoll Farm and Ithaca Farm Market @ Booth 77